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Working Hours

Protecting workers' rights and health with appropriate working hours.


Excessive working hours in electronics manufacturing remains a key challenge for RBA members. The RBA Code of Conduct is aligned to global standards on working hours and local laws at manufacturing locations. However, violations of the Code remain a challenge despite extensive efforts by RBA member companies.

The RBA had a working group on working hours for several years. Following a working group review in 2013, the RBA decided to transition the group to a taskforce of senior management at key RBA member companies with very clear objectives who could drive change at their companies and down through the supply chain. Key initial activities of this taskforce include hosting a special forum in mainland China focused on sustainability challenges in Chinese manufacturing, including working hours; developing a best practices guidebook to show members the path to consistent appropriate working hours and examining and developing solutions for exacerbating factors like use of temporary workers via labor agencies.


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